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The Cocktail in the Forest combines the fantasy of haute couture with the enchanted world at the time when animals could speak. Elegant, dynamic Nature allied for the first time with cultured, creative Mankind causing our imagination to take flight and invent stories, fables and romances. Poets, idealists, visionaries and mystics have always been fascinated with the simple beauty of these living beings who were considered gods in ancient cultures.
Thus, the Automobile and Fashion Museum of Malaga pays tribute to La Fontaine’s fables with this exhibit of spectacular, ceramic animal heads adorned with designs by YSL, Dior, Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Christian Lacroix, Balmain, Ungaro or Vivienne Westwood.


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This exhibit from the Fashion Museum is a piece of work inspired by Loomis Dean’s iconic photograph taken in 1958 in the Dior workshop of their collection.
There are 13 original designs in this exhibit with a distinct ‘before’ and after’ due to the exceptional beauty of the designs and their inclusion in several important fashion shows and events. The designs here on display also played a significant part in the establishing the career of the designers – take for example the Thierry Mugler gown, which Diana Ross borrowed and wore in many of her concerts.
There are exclusive designs created for Jacques Fath, Christian Lacroix, Gianfranco. Exclusive, magnificent designs by Lanvin, Nina Ricci, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Dior.


An exhibition that portrays our excessive, irrational consumerism and depicts our competitive society, obsessed with image. A society totally dominated by intrusive advertising, the constant bombardment of new gadgets and the swindle of easy credit.
Yves St Laurent claimed that it wasn’t the gown that was important but the woman and yet so many people still believe that shopping in exclusive, designer stores on borrowed credit will transform them into goddesses and supermodels. This belief is pure fiction the reality is not so.


Fantasy, mystery, exclusivity and grandeur unite. An Haute Couture collection that you will be transport to a land of mythical creatures, art, comedy, opera..
Seductive Marquess’ and cortisans, gold and diamond diggers, thieves in white gloves, exotic adventurers, frivolous lovers, capricious ballerinas. Legends of the big screen and theatre. Grace Jones’s skull, Henriette Casanova’s mask, the last remaining Italian castrante singer and the fictional thief, Arsene Lupin, the man of a thousand disguises.


“Trilogy” is a pioneering exhibition from the Fashion Museum of Malaga. It explores the relationship between celebrity status in the fashion industry, style and choice of car. The close link between brands such as Chanel and Mercedes, Dior and Ferrari, Balenciaga and Hispano, Schiaparelli and Bugatti or Nina Ricci and Lancia. Whether your passion is culture, fashion or cars you will be able to enjoy 40 exhibits and a range of designs, styles, designers and brands. The very best, timeless classics such as Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Maserati or Porsche with Gucci, Valentino, John Galliano, Paco Rabanne or Dolce & Gabbana.


“De Mariano Fortuny a John Galiano” (“From Mariano Fortuny to John Galliano”) shows the evolution of fashion throughout the 20thcentury displayed in four themes, in a theatrical set using props like the sofas, furniture, photographs and accessories to recreate this by-gone era.
From the grandeur of the Belle Époque to the timeless elegance of the Post-War period -designs by Balenciaga, Dior or Chanel – travelling through the Absolute Chic and the Cocktail Dresses. Designs by Yves St Lauren, Lanvin, Oleg Cassini and a golden Dior outfit of silk lamé among others. The exhibit is a tribute to the great Rita Hayworth and staged to recreate her “Boudoir”, her dresser next to her wardrobe full of the exotic original dresses worn in “The Lady from Shanghai”.


Up until the 1960s, hats were considered as an important, decorative and highly personalized fashion item. They were much more than just an accessory. In the 1930s, hats were considered a work of art like paintings or sculptures. This unique exhibition has more than 300 hats and hatboxes selected by the Fashion Museum – from great designers such as Chanel, Oleg Cassini, Dior, Balmain, Patou, and the extravagant hats of the Italian designer Silva Bruschini who collaborated with John Galliano.